Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding New Surprises...

Welcome to my blog dedicated to saving a lifetime of photographic work by Ichiro Ninomiya. If you are joining the blog for the first time, please read the first entry to see what we are all about.

I have managed to clear three more bags of files and sort them into stacks.  Those stacks are getting very high now.   I have filled two boxes with just weddings and still the stack is huge.

While sorting tonight, I did make two very fun finds in the stacks.

First, I found a portrait of Hiroo Ohara that was photographed in 1956.  Mr Ohara was, at the time, the Governor of Hiroshima.  I only have negatives or I would put a scan up here.  Distinguished gentleman.

Second, I found a passport photo for Mr. & Mrs. Takekuma Takei.  Any of you who are Star Trek geeks should recognize the surname.  That's George's parents.

I also had some great conversations today with lots of community leaders about this project.  I am hoping enough interest is generated that I can go forward with my project and help show some of the daily life of Little Tokyo as well as the work of Mr. Ninomiya.

I am also in the beginning stages of planning for a documentary entitled "Saving Ninomiya."  This documentary will be about the man who created these images, the effort to save them and display them, and about the images themselves and the times in which they were taken.

All this is, of course, contingent on funding.  Won't you help out by clicking the DONATE button to the right?  Its a secure donation page on Paypal and you can use any credit card or bank account to make a donation to the cause.  

Every donor will be credited in the final project.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at and I will answer you right away.

Thanks for reading today's update and please spread the word about this project!


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  1. Very exciting, Michael! What an adventure you're on!