Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going Through the Envelopes...

Welcome to my blog dedicated to saving a lifetime of photographic work. If you are joining the blog for the first time, please read the first entry to see what we are all about.

I have been finding some pretty amazing things tucked away in all these bags of files.   Among them are things like this:

This is a letter addressed to the Ninomiya family while they were incarcerated in the Poston Arizona Internment Camp, postmarked 1944.  The letter inside is in Japanese and I am awaiting a translator to tell me what it says.

I also found about 27 boxes like this:

Inside each of these boxes is a metal tube. Inside that is a B&W negative. A panoramic shot of a funeral.  The negative is 10 inches tall and 4 FEET long.   Not sure where I would get that printed but perhaps there is somewhere here.

This is Cirkut Film made for panoramic large format cameras.

This particular box was exposed over 57 years ago..

I have been talking a LOT about the treasures I have found but I am also finding other things that are heartbreaking.

These next images are of negatives damaged by time, water, heat and other elements in the 40-50 years they have been sitting in storage.  These particular ones are, I believe, beyond saving.

And I am also finding file envelopes like these, bent from too much time spent in the wrong position.  Perhaps these can be saved.

I had many great conversations today with various Japanese-American foundations and organizations around town.  I am spreading the word that these files need help and they need them soon.

Won't you take a moment and click the DONATE button to the right here?  Every penny donated will go towards saving as much of this collection as possible, and the sooner I can start on that the better.

I have some specific equipment needs and if you would like to see my list of what I think I need, write me and I will discuss it with you.

Help me save Mr.Ninomiya's life time of work. 

More posts and photos as I find more things!


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