Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hat in Hand...

Welcome to my blog!  If this is your first time visiting, please scroll down to the first entry and catch up!  This blog is dedicated to preserving and showing the life's work of a Japanese-American photographer.

I spent most of last week and today on the phone looking for resources.  There are several options out there, none of which are speedy, but most of which are worth the effort.   Looks like I will be grant-writing this week for sure!

I appreciate all the input I have been getting from you, the readers and supporters.   Your input and leads are making this project move forward.  And spreading the word to your circle of friends and colleagues helps too!

And, as much as no one likes hearing it, a donation will help get these files out of bags and boxes and stacked in my living room and into better archiving materials.

The blog, as of today, has had about 200 visitors.  If those 200 visitors could be persuaded to donate a mere $5.00 to the cause, that would purchase a good portion of the archiving materials and supplies I need.

Five dollars! That's not much!  Think how you would waste five dollars on any given day...  coffee? Snacks? Lotto Tickets?  Why not take that five dollars and put it towards something that will benefit not only you personally for the joy of helping, but the community as well.

I have great leads for research and other information, I just need to get the materials ready to be cataloged and saved. 

Five dollars!    Click that button?



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