Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Got A Letter Today....

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As the title says, I got a letter in the mail today.   A real, hand-written piece of mail.  I wanted to share it with you readers.

The letter says:


Dear Mr. Risner,

I'd like to thank you for your efforts in this project. These pictures are great. I probably have some family pictures in that collection! 
If my dad was still with us, he could have helped in your efforts. He would have known where, who, and around when the picture was taken!  His office was down the street from Mr. Ninomiya's office.  We passed it many times growing up.
Here is a donation. sorry it iis not too much. And apologies about my penmanship. Handwriting is a lost art!

Best Regards,
Lisa Yamamoto

P.S. If you need any volunteers, I would like to help.


I wanted to share this note with you all. And I wanted to thank Ms Yamamoto for her kind words and generous donation to the project.  I disagree that the donation was "not too much."  There is no amount too small (or too large) for this project and people like you and the other people on the SPECIAL THANKS page are the ones who are driving this project forward, inch by inch.

I cannot do this alone and it will take the help of interested and concerned people like Ms Yamamoto for me to see this through.

And, Ms Yamamoto, your penmanship is excellent. Far better than mine!  

Also, if you check the media links section to the right, there is a very excellent story in the Rafu Shimpo this week about the project.  Writer George Johnston did a great job and people are contacting me because of that article.

Do you have a story to tell?  Perhaps there is someone in your family who grew up here and patronized the Ninomiya Studios?  Perhaps you did?  I would love to hear from you all.  Please write to me either by email at:

or by US Mail to:

Michael Risner
PO Box 5781
Glendale, CA 91221

I look forward to reading and sharing more of your comments!

Thanks for reading and supporting this project!


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