Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Work Contiues...

Welcome to my blog about saving the life's work of Ichiro Ninomiya. If you are just joining us for the first time, please scroll to the bottom and catch up with the older posts.

I have added a few things to the blog layout that some may have noticed. To the right here, there is a new box with links in it.

First the Media Links. We have been getting more and more press lately about the project from newspapers, blogs and TV stations. As I get each link, I will post it there so you can see what others are saying about this project in the news.

The next link is for Special Thanks. This is where I list out individuals who have donated either money or services or other things towards this effort. I would love to post YOUR name there too!

This week, we have been talking to more reporters and other organizations about supporting and funding this project. Possibly some exciting news coming up so check with us and see what we update (as we know things we post them!)

This past week, on our FaceBook Page, I posted a status that I wanted to post here, once more, before we move forward.

Our page is located at:

Saving Ninomiya on Facebook

Please add us to your Facebook page too!

The status message said this:

"On this, the anniversary of the death of Mr Ninomiya, pause and look around at your own life. What legacy will you leave behind? Perhaps helping to preserve this man's life work, commemorating and celebrating his life, will be your legacy too. Visit our page and help if you can."

I think thats an important thought to consider. There is a tangible legacy sitting in my living room that needs to be preserved and displayed and celebrated by everyone in our community. No matter which cultural or ethnic group you identify with, so much of our cultural heritage gets overlooked, forgotten or ignored. I hope that this archive does not fall into any of those categories.

If you can help, please either click the DONATE button to the right here, or you can even remain anonymous through the US Mail by using the mailing address below:

Michael Risner
PO Box 5781
Glendale, CA 91221

Thanks for reading the new update. I will post more often as interesting things happen!


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