Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Life in Storage...

I was given the opportunity to look through the storage from Mr. Ninomiya's studio recently.  It was an amazing 2 hours of looking through dust covered boxes that have been unmoved for maybe 20 years or more.

I saw more photos and negatives, correspondence, cameras, studio equipment, marketing materials like printed bags, frames, and correspondence.  Just so much stuff there and I am hoping to have access to it all.  Its my new goal to acquire.

We are getting more notice from local media here in Los Angeles for the project.  As soon as I know when things will appear, I will post the locations and dates here.

We are mentioned rather nicely on this week's podcast from and we are very thankful for that mention!

You can see the video podcast here:

And download their podcast off of iTunes as well!

Short update today as I am working pretty diligently on research and learning new things about Mr Ninomiya that I did not know before. 

As always, any assistance you wish to give would be greatly appreciated!  Please click the DONATE button to the right here and give a few dollars to help the cause!

Thanks for checking out my update!


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